Call for contributions

“New Business Models for Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Transformation”

4th International Conference on New Business Models
ESCP Europe Berlin
1-3 July 2019, Berlin, Germany



After another successful edition of NBM @ Sofia 2018, we are thrilled to announce the NBM @ Berlin 2019 conference under the topic of “New Business Models for Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Transformation”. The conference will take place at ESCP Europe Business School in Berlin, Germany, from June 26th to June 28th 2019.

Potential session hosts may submit their session proposals of up to 500 words until 31st August 2018 to Dr. Florian Lüdeke-Freund (

We are looking for additional sessions related to entrepreneurship, innovation, and studies in relation to new business models for sustainability. We will select the best session proposals in a competitive review process.

Authors are invited to submit their extended paper abstracts of 700-1200 words by 1st of February 2019 through the registration and submission link.

Download the call for contributions here.

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Session 1 : “Business models for a circular economy’
Chairs: Jan Jonker and Niels Faber   read more

Session 2:  “New business models, sustainable development, and corporate strategic management”
Chairs: Romana Rauter, Yuliya Snihur, and Christian Nielsen   read more

Session 3: “Social Entrepreneurship as a transformative force towards sustainability
Chairs: Nikolay Dentchev, Philippe Eiselein, and Abel Diaz Gonzalez   read more

Session  4: “Circular communication in a circular economy: how social media communication shapes sustainable business models”
Chairs: Deike Schulz and Niels Faber   read more

Session 5:  “Session dedicated to new business models for sustainable entrepreneurship – YOU ARE INVITED TO SUBMIT YOUR SESSION PROPOSAL!”
Chairs: tbd.   read more

Session 6:  “Open Innovation Enabled by Emerging Technologies: What are the Implications for New Business Models?”
Chairs: Maya Hoveskog, Emma Incze, Fawzi Halila, Markus Raatikainen, Stephen Davies, and Antony Upward   read more

Session 7:  “New business models for sustainability transition”
Chairs: Jan Jonker + tbd.   read more

Session 8: Insights on business models from young academics
Chairs: tbd.   read more

Session 9: Practitioner session: The challenges of transitions towards more sustainable business
Chair: tbd.   read more



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