The conference will no longer  take place at the Van der Valk Hotel, Nijmegen Lent , The Netherlands.

Instead, the 5th International Conference on New Business Models on July 1&2 2020 will be turned into a fully digitally organised event with online plenary sessions, digital conference rooms, a digital hangout space et cetera.


As a consequence, we find ourselves in the middle of an unexpected and substantial digital reorganisation. To make this work, we have already appointed a technical director and -staff. We will make sure that everything will work accurately and that attendees all around the world will get the best out of #nbmconference2020.

If you had planned to come to Nijmegen, you may change your calendar reservation from physical attendance to online. Please do not forget to cancel your hotel reservation! If you already purchased a ticket for the regular conference: your ticket is automatically converted into an e-ticket and provides full access to the online two-day conference. If you cannot participate under the proposed online circumstances, please contact Already purchased tickets for the conference dinner and sustainable campus-tour will be refunded in due course.

Even with this radical, digital turn-around, we are looking forward to celebrating the first lustrum of the New Business Models conference with old and new colleagues and friends. No longer in Nijmegen at the Radboud University but in a ‘virtual’ conference location. This a unique experience to many, if not all of us. But as the saying goes: “We have never tried this before, so we think we should be able to organise this”.

Updates will follow on our website and social media.