Theme 5

NWO Sustainable Business Models program

Support NWO Track: Nikolay Dentchev (Free University Brussels), Antoine Heideveld (MVO Nederland/Het Groene Brein), Hans van Kranenburg (Nijmegen School of Management/Institute for Management Research, Radboud University), and Jan Jonker (Nijmegen School of Management/Institute for Management Research, Radboud University)


NWO (the Dutch Research Council) facilitates excellent, curiosity-driven disciplinary, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research. The council is committed to a robust science system in the Netherlands, in the belief that scientific research contributes to our prosperity and wellbeing. Its mission is to advance world-class scientific research that has scientific and societal impact. NWO plays several roles as a large, national research organisation that actively contributes to various elements of national science and innovation policy. NWO emphasises its connecting role: making connections within science and between science and society together with its knowledge partners.

Together with several partners in the NWO, has launched a research program on Sustainable Business Models. This program aims to accelerate the development of sustainable entrepreneurship. It provides new scientific knowledge that companies can use to become more sustainable. It is trans- and interdisciplinary and focuses on the co-operation between universities and non-university partners, such as businesses, governments, public knowledge institutions, and civil society at large. Starting from the formulation of project proposals to the application and implementation of knowledge in practice, researchers, companies, governments, and organisations work closely together. Through this process of co-creation, NWO is able to match research and practice consistently. This approach accelerates the transition from traditional to sustainable business models in the Netherlands. The program consists of 8 projects in total running over a period of six years.

During the NBM @ Nijmegen 2020 Conference NWO will have its track with eight slots. Each of the dedicated research programs presents their research in progress and (preliminary) outcomes. These presentations are integrated with the main program of the conference.