Welcome drinks and social meeting wil be at 17.40  at the Aula, Comeniuslaan 2, 6525 HP Nijmegen, The Netherlands

From the central station of Nijmegen there is a direct bus ( 10,11,15 or 300), and you have to leave at Spinozagebouw/Tandheelkunde.

Park a car ( paying) parkeergarage (= car park) Grotiusgebouw.

Aula Radboud Universiteit

Conference Venue

The conference wil be at the Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen- Lent.

It is next to the train station  Nijmegen Lent. There is a direct train from Schiphol to Nijmegen, and sometimes it  even stops in Nijmegen Lent. See https://www.ns.nl/en

The train to Nijmegen ( city-centre) takes 4 min. and stops every 15 min in Lent.
Take care: not every train from Nijmegen to Utrecht/Amsterdam stops in Nijmegen Lent!

It is possible as participant of the conference to reserve a room during the conference with a discount by using this information

Conference Diner

The conference  diner wil be at  De Hemel in the centre of the city of Nijmegen.
Franseplaats 1, 6511VS Nijmegen

Please note: The social program and conference dinner are not included in the conference fees. Both options are offered separately and are not mandatory to participate in the conference.
Conference participants that want to bring guests, may bring one additional guest maximally. Payment for the guest will be included in the booking.

Social Event

On Friday 3 July 9-12 a hiking tour will be organised to explore the sustainability initiatives present at the Heyendaal campus of Radboud University. The Radboud Green Office will give us some exclusive tour over the Radboud campus and explain details on what Radboud community is doing with rainwater, roofs, biodiversity, energy, space and community to leave a net positive outcome. Please bring hiking boots, sunglasses, hat/cap. In case of rain bringing an umbrella will ensure us from an all weather event!
For more information, see the detailed map of the hiking track.