Side Events

This is a preliminary overview. It will be updated on a regular basis.

Breakfast Get-Together hosted by SSBMG and FEI

At 08:00-09:30 a.m. on Wednesday July 3rd, the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group / Flourishing Enterprise Institute invites all attendees of the New Business Models conference to come together for breakfast.

  • Meet colleagues focused on micro-ecological economic business model action-research and systemic-design practice
  • Discuss your research and future directions
  • Learn how you can benefit from participation in this leading global community of research and practice

All are welcome – whether you are currently involved, want to share, or just curious to know more.

Date: Wednesday, July 3rd 2019
Time: 08:00-09:30 CET
Place: Joli Cafe Heubnerweg 3, 14059 Berlin
Cost: This is a pay for yourself event.