Short biography of the track-leaders Theme 2

Moniek Kamm

Moniek Kamm is a lecturer and researcher at Saxion UAS, lectorate Business models, and a PhD student at Radboud University Nijmegen. Her research focuses on community-based business models for sustainable development. She has worked many years as a policy officer and project manager in projects and campaigns related to sustainable development. She has a keen interest in developing transdisciplinary research and interdisciplinary teaching programs that provide footholds for dealing with the challenges of organizing the transition to a sustainable and inclusive society.

Yulia Snihur

Yulia Snihur  is an Associate Professor of Strategy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship at Toulouse Business School. She defended her dissertation at IESE Business School on the topic of antecedents and consequences of business model innovation, which was granted the 2014 Heizer dissertation award by the AOM ENT Division. Her research interests cover business models, innovation, and cognition in both new and established firms. She is interested in developing theories of organisational identity and organisational imprinting, and explores linguistic approaches, such as framing and sense-giving, used in innovation processes.

Bartjan Pennink

Bartjan Pennink is Assistant Professor at the department of Global Economics and Management. After his study of Sociology at the same University he started there to work at 1984 at the University of Groningen. In 2004 he finished his PhD. The last ten years the focus in his research is on modeling the process of Local Economic Development and for his research he travels to Indonesia and Tanzania in order to collect data in regional remote areas. From this focus the connection with sustainable business models has been made: Which factors do support the cooperation of involved actors and on sharing which values to stimulate local economic and social development.
In his teaching he is involved in courses on Corporate Social Responsibility (Msc) on Organizational Theory (BSc) and on Project Management for Humanitarian Actions (MSc). From 2015 on he is also visiting lecturer at the Institute of Finance Management in Tanzania (Dar es Salaam). Besides the regular programs he also participates in the Honours Master programs of the RUG by a Masterclass on Ubuntu and a Masterclass on New (Sustainable) Business Models.

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