NBM@Nijmegen 2020 – Poster-presentation Guidelines

After NBM@Toulouse 2016, NBM@Graz, 2017, NBM@Sofia 2018, and NBM@Berlin 2019, we are thrilled to host submissions for the NBM@Nijmegen 2020. This year’s central them is: “Driving sustainable transition: people, business, society”. The conference will be fully digital (with an attractive mix of on-line and off-line contributions). Over the two-days of the conference we hope to disseminate over a 100 presentations and key-notes. This fifth international lustrum conference is hosted by the Chair for Sustainable Entrepreneurship of the Nijmegen School of Management (Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands).

After the double-blind review rounds, if your work has been accepted You are asked to provide a Poster-presentation to be disseminated throughout the two-day conference. All poster presentations will be accessible to participants throughout the conference, as pre-recorded, off-line, short films. You will have to provide this short film yourself. This document provides you with information regarding what you need to do.

Preparing your poster presentation

Prepare an off-line presentation through video/Youtube or platform of your choice, of maximally 3 minutes (180 seconds). How you want to present yourself is up to you. Think for instance about using slides, recording yourself as just a talking head, developing an animation, or whatever you think suits your poster presentation best.
When composing your poster presentation, the format should contain at least the sections indicated in the table below.

1IntroductionTitle of your presentation
Your name
Your Institute
Your Country
Research status (e.g., Master/PhD student, researcher, professional)
2BodyPresenting your work
Contact details

On-demand broadcasting
All Poster-presentations will be located on a special section on the conference website. Poster-presentation are offered as on-demand videos, allowing those interested in your work to view this at any time during the two days of the conference. Hence, poster-presentations are not scheduled in the regular tracks. Presenters retain full-ownership of submitted materials.

Technical pre-requisites
Landscape (horizontal-view) of the video
Highest possible resolution (minimum 1280 x 720)

Deadline 15th. June 2020 latest
Send in the complete and finished presentation ultimately by June 15th by mailing the link (via f.e. We-Transfer) of your poster-video to: henkjan@studiocollegare.nl
Mention in subject: Poster-presentation NBM2020 [Name, affiliation]

The cost of a submitting a off-line Poster-presentation will be € 75,- for PHD/Students e-ticket and € 165,- for a standard -e-ticket. ( 150€ early bird until 2 May)
Submitting an off-line Poster-presentation gives you full access to the on-line conference.