Conference Programme 2 nd of July

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9.00-10.30 hrTrack 6.3
New business models and societal interactions
Track 9.2
Rural, regional business models and methodology
Track 4.4
Circular business models
Track 8.2
New business models, sustianable development and corporate strategic management
Track 24
Influencing behaviour - tools and approaches
Track 16
Access over ownership - business model development in the shared mobility market
Track 10.1
Sustainable business model patterns as a means to create impactful businesses
Room and themeRoom1 and theme 1
Room 2 and theme 2
Room 3 and theme 1
Room 4 and theme 2
Room 5 and theme TNO
Room 6 and theme NWO
Room 7 and theme 3
ModeratorGjalt de JongBartjan PenninkNiels FaberYuliya SnihurElmer RietveldKoen FrenkenFlorian Lüdeke-Freund& Tobias Froese
PresenterTiekstra, S.Kamm, M. Planko, J. Svensson Myrin, ERietveld, E. van Waes, A.Kropfeld, M.
AbstractAn Interaction Driven Approach To Sustainable Business Model Development: Insights From Eight Sustainability-Oriented Start-up Experiments At Music Festivals.Construing Community-based Strategies In Practice: A Case-based Process Model.New And Old Businesses Models In The Transition To Circular Building Materials From linear to circular business models in the public procurement contextInfluencing behaviour - tools and approaches(Ir)responsible business model innovation: free floating bikesharing in the Netherlands.Marketing for Less Consumption – A Framework for Marketing Practices in Sufficiency-oriented Business Models
Dawo, H.Hatipoglu, B. Ploegman, K. Ye, X. Rietveld, E. Held, L.Curtis, S.
AbstractIngredients For Inclusion of Nature and Heritage Assets in Sustainable Business Models: An Investigation of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises at World Heritage Sites. Community-Based Social Enterprises and Social Innovation: The Case of Women’s Cooperatives in Turkey.Rethinking Value Creation: An Explorative Study On How Peer-to-peer Transactions Create Multiple Values On Individual- And Community level.Cognitive Process Perspectives: A Structured Review In (Out) Business Model Literature Workshop: The influence of perceptions on business model innovationThe business model development of the Dutch carsharing organizing MyWheels Identifying Business Model Patterns in the Sharing Economy
PresenterSusur, E. van den Berg, B.Quist, J. de Koning, J.Münzel, K. Velzing, E
AbstractInteraction between Circular Business Models and Circular Economy Transitions: Towards a Framework through a Systematic Literature Review.Learning Towards a Circular Economy: a New Research Direction for Circular Business? Product-Service Systems As Circular Business Models For The Built Environment: An Expert Study From The Netherlands.Exploring Ways to Make a Business Case for the Transition Towards Circular Business Models The different ways to upscale access-based car mobility - sharing, leasing, MaaSLessons from a Transition to Circular Use of Wood in Utrecht
PresenterSoltész, P.
AbstractSoltész, P. & Zilahy, G. The Motivation For Sharing: Individual And Interpersonal Reasons Of Using Sharing Economy Services.

10.30-11.00 Coffee break with 7 Round -Tables

11.00-12.30 hr.Track 10.2
Sustainable business model patterns as a means to create impactful businesses
Tobias Froese
Track 11.1
Sustainability accounting and impact measurement of new business models
Track 4.5
Circular business models
Track 30
Special Issues
Track 25
The Sustainable Business Modeling Innovation philosophy
Track 19
Transitioning towards a circular economy: the roles of circular start-up hubs
Room and themeRoom1 and theme 3
Room 2 and theme 3
Room 3 and theme 1
Room 4 Room 5 and theme TNO
Room 6 and theme NWO
ModeratorTobias FroeseEgbert WillekesAbhishek AgarwalFlorian Lüdeke-Freund, Rick Edgeman, Jakob Eskildson Frank BerkersThomas Bauwens
PresenterFedeli, M. Truzzi, S.Bocken, N., Berkers, F. Bauwens, T.
AbstractThe Classification of Sustainable Business Model Patterns using Machine Learning.Sustainable business models: literature review of main contributions and themes.Circular Business Model Experimentation: Investigating The Emerging LandscapeSI Sustainability: Sustainable Enterprise Excellence and Innovation Introduction Sustainable Business Model Innovation.The roles and impacts of circular start-ups: first research findings.
Krmela, A. Wagner, A. van Boerdonk, P.Berkers, F. Hieminga, G
AbstractImpact of Circular Economy on Sustainability of Incumbent Companies in the B2B Environment: Dynamics of Business Models.Does it pay to the green: impact of corporate carbon emission targets on firm performance.Can Circular Touch Points create Customer Values in Healthcare? A Multiple Case Study into Connecting Circular Activities with Value Creation.SI Sustainability: New Business Models: Sustainable. Circular. Inclusive The Orchestrating TransformationRethinking the road to a circular economy.
PresenterBarquet, A.Lüdeke-Freund, F.Poldner, K. Berkers, F. de Groen, Lvon Daniels, C.
AbstractSustainable Innovations in Startups: An Investigation through the Sustainable Business Models Lens Assessing and managing the sustainability performance of business models: status quo and research agenda.Aesthetic Value: Moving Beyond the Triple Bottom Line in SBM Research and Practice SI International Journal of Innovation Management: Special Issue on Managing Values for Innovation — Cases, Methods, and Theories Panel discussion Orchestrating transformation in practice.Finding ways to scale circular business models in a linear world.
PresenterBerkers, F.
AbstractRevisiting the SBMI framework – introduction booklet.

12.30-14.00 hr  Lunch break with 7 Round Tables

14.00-15.30 hrTrack 10.3
Sustainable business model patterns as a means to create impactful businesses
Track 11.2
The impact of multiple value creation on management control systems
Track 8.3
New business models, sustianable development and corporate strategic management
Track 26
The Circular Business Model experience from practice
Track 14
Market creation for sustainable innovations: The
Room and themeRoom 1 and theme 3
Room 2 and theme 3
Room 4 and theme 2
Room 5 and theme TNO
Room 6 and theme NWO
ModeratorFlorian Lüdeke-Freund & Tobias FroeseEgbert WillekesRomana RauterJeroen Gillabel (VITO)Niels Sprong
Presentervan Hees, M. Willekes, E.Endregat, N. Gillabel, J. & Dewickere, D.Driessen, P.
AbstractUnravelling Repurposing The Impact of Multiple Value Creation on Management Control Systems: An Explorative Case Study.The Coevolution of Traditional and Sustainable Business Models: A Paradox Perspective Circular business models: experience from practice.Market creation in the literature and implications for social innovation.
Willard, B.Dommerholt, E.Schmidt, SGillabel, J., Dewickere, D. & Berkers, F.Sprong, N.
AbstractA Fit-For-Purpose 21st Century Business Model … And Its Sustainability performance highlighting values, value creation, and context in the business-society relationship Business Model Innovation as Mean for Reducing Packaging in Retail Panel discussion Circular business models: experience from practice.Conceptualising the hidden impact of social innovation.
PresenterBlomsma, F.Geldres-Weiss, V.Muzho, N.van Dijk, S.
AbstractBeyond Product/Service Systems And Towards Configurations Of Circular Strategies, Business Models, And Actors - Introducing The Resource Service Spectrum A sustainable business model in action: environmental and social performance. A case analysis in the wine industry.Sustainable Business Models For Renewable Energy.Hidden impact through social enterprises' activities.

16.00-17.30 hr  Plenary Conference Closing & Outlook into NBM 2021

1. Looking back at five years of NBM
2. Special issues (track 30)
3. Changes in the scientific committee (Jan Jonker)
4. Presenting NBM@Halmstad 2021 (Niels Faber and Maya Hoveskog)
5. Official close (Niels Faber)