Call for practitioner contributions on New Business Models to Business & Professional Ethics Journal

The editors of Business & Professional Ethics Journal invite practitioner contributions from participants of the New Business Models Conference 2018. Business model innovation is at the core of making businesses more ethical. Practitioner contributions typically offer a systematic or probing reflection on a contemporary business or professional ethics topic from a practical perspective. Contributions are selected based upon novelty, argumentative coherence, and style. The editors of the journal read potential contributions, offer editorial suggestions, and decide on the acceptance of the manuscript.
Recent examples of practitioner contributions to Business & Professional Ethics Journal include:
• Steve Williams (Unilever): Do corporations go to heaven when they die?
• Klaus Leisinger (Novartis Foundation): An Analysis of the Conceptual Landscape of Corporate Responsibility
• Michael Hannigan (Give Something Back Office Supplies): Are Benefit Corporations Truly Beneficial? (With Daryl Koehn)
• Jay Coen Gilbert (B Lab): The Benefit Corporation-A Legal Tool to Align the Interests of Business with Those of Society; An Interview with Jay Coen Gilbert, Co-Founder, B Lab (with David Steingard)
• C. Richard Panico (Integrated Project Management Co., Inc.): Naked Leadership – Lead to Win Hearts and Minds
For more information about BPEJ and guidelines for submission, please visit this link.