Book launch at NBM@Nijmegen 2020

Sustainable Organising: Template for the development of new business models

At the forthcoming conference in July 2020, we hope to launch various new publications. What they will be we do not know yet. But for sure, one of them will be the new book by Jan Jonker and Niels Faber (eds.) “Sustainable Organising: Template for the development of new business models.” Their drive to research and write this book is to provide a concrete contribution to a transition to a sustainable society that needs to move in full swing. To make this happen calls for appropriate business models with a positive impact and a different perspective on organising value. The Business Model Template provides entrepreneurs, management, researchers and students with a structured approach to construct a sustainable business model. The authors have been working on this book for the last two and a half years. Involved also was a team of ten co-authors from education and business. The manuscript has been tested extensively in teaching and practice. It is the logic follow-up of earlier publications they have been working on, such as ‘New Business Models’ (2014) and ‘Circular Organising’ (2018).  The new release will simultaneously be published in Dutch and English. The digital version of this book is thanks to sponsorship freely available as an e-book.