Imagining future society

When we started the NBM conference series, we had no clue on what effect this would have on people in both practice and research that have a desire to change the world. A world that deviates from the current path, which is quite unfortunate when listening to the news over the past years. On November 27 2019, Nature published the latest insights into climate tipping points and the imminent threats they pose for a global society. The call for action has never been more evident. Over a period of five years, we have been able to bring together a group of people that embraces these challenges and are actively searching for solutions in theory and practice to turn the tide.

NBM@Nijmegen 2020 aims to bring together again the community and inspire others to engage in imagining future society. Along with the Dutch national research organisations NWO and TNO, NBM@Nijmegen 2020 will provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, sharing of practical insights, and triggering the exploration of what may be possible to address global societal challenges. This 5th edition of NBM@Nijmegen2020 will be great. We’ll be ready in time. And if some details are maybe not perfect, nobody will notice because meeting so many people, from all parts of the world around the subject of sustainable, circular, and collective business modelling is going to be an enjoyable experience. Wholeheartedly, we invite you to submit your work and join us at the NBM@Nijmegen 2020 conference from July 1 until July 3, 2020, in Lent/Nijmegen.

Niels Faber, co-organisor of the NBM Conference Series and NBM@Nijmegen 2020