Change is one of the only constant factors in life. In todays society where climate change, energy transitions, circular economy and green deals, companies are confronted with complex challenges. In general, businesses are faced with external and internal changes making them having critically to reflect on their past, current and future situation. The NBM 2020 conference wil bring together knowledge on how companies develop and change their business models in order te react to internal and external pressures. The unique scope of attendees, academics, companies, government, but also students, and the special venue, will make that the exchange of knowledge and experience will be assured and result in motivation and inspiration for direct applicable actions. If you are willing to share your experiences or are looking for practical examples or possibilities to reflect on how business models development can contribute to making this world a better place, I would highly recommend you to join us on 1 & 2 July 2020 at NBM 2020.

Dr. Sjors Witjes