After NBM@Toulouse 2016, NBM@Graz, 2017, NBM@Sofia 2018, and NBM@Berlin 2019, we are thrilled to host the NBM@Nijmegen 2020 conference. This year’s central them is: “Driving sustainable transition: people, business, society”. The conference will be fully digital (with an attractive mix of on-line and off-line contributions). Over the two-days of the conference we hope to disseminate over 100 presentations, poster-presentations and key-notes. This fifth international lustrum conference is hosted by the Chair for Sustainable Entrepreneurship of the Nijmegen School of Management (Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands).
After review, your contribution has been accepted for presentation. This brief guide has been composed to assist you in preparing for your performance at the NBM@Nijmegen 2020 conference. Essentially, we apply the same format as has been in place in the previous, physical NBM conferences in years past. This means that presentations are programmed as part of a specific track, which consists of one or multiple sessions. A session is allocated to a fixed time slot. A session is a sequence four 15 minutes presentations and lasts maximally 90 minutes. Every session is hosted by one of the track chairs, who acts as the moderator of the track. You will have the opportunity to present your work and discuss this with your audience during your designated session.

Compared to the physical conferences, there are some differences you need to take into consideration:
1) Your presentation will be a live broadcast, and viewable to all conference participants (see ‘presentating online’ below);
2) You are responsible for organising video and audio equipment at your side of the connection (see ‘technical pre-requisites’ below);
3) Testing of the technical set-up for your presentation prior to the conference is mandatory (see ‘pre-conference testing’ below);
4) The track chair will lead and moderate the discussion, for questions to you will be handled through the chat-channel of your session (see ‘discussing online’ below).
For the full duration of the conference, technical and organising support is available to assist your when and where possible.

Preparing your presentation

It goes without saying that you need to prepare a presentation, just as you would do for a normal conference. Your presentation should be no longer than 15 minutes, allowing for 5 minutes of discussion. Your track chair(s) will keep track of time and inform you about its progress (5-minutes, 3-minutes, 1-minute signs). We advise you to use slides (not mandatory). BTW: do not waste your precious time on generics around business models; you are addressing an informed audience.

Format presentation
When composing your presentation, the format should contain at least the sections indicated in the table below.

1IntroductionTitle of your presentation
Your name
Your Institute
Your Country
Research status (e.g., Master/PhD student, researcher, professional)
2BodyPresenting your work
Contact details

Technical Pre-requisites

Video- Standard webcam
- Clean the camera-lens of your computer
Audio- Use a good microphone to make sure the audio is captured in the best quality possible
Room- Use a neutral (white) background for your video stream (a white wall, drapes, or blanket suffices)
- Give your presentation in a quiet room, with light in front of you, preferably day-lightPreferred and best slides format: 16x9
Presentation- Preferred and best slides format: 16x9

Pre-conference testing
Test-sessions are available on June 24th, June 25th. and June 26th. between 9.00 – 11.00 and 14.00 – 16.00 hrs. (all Central European Time; GMT+1; UTC+1) and will take maximum 20 minutes of your time.
We will contact you by email with a time-slot proposal for a test- session in the Virtual Meeting Room. Please make sure that testing your set-up takes place at the same location, using the same computer and other hardware as you will use during the conference.
For other technical questions you can contact  Henkjan van Offeren via:
The pre-conference test is mandatory to ensure quality.

Discussing online

Discussion of your work takes place during your designated session. Your track chair coordinates and moderates the discussion. Audience questions will be expressed over the chat channel of your session. The track chair will group and select questions for the discussion and pose these on behalf of the audience. You may use your presentation set-up to respond to initial and follow-up questions.


The presenter is and will remain the holder of the copyrights of submitted materials. No rights will be transferred upon submission. Online presentations will only be shown to conference attendees, and can only be viewed upon live broadcast during the designated session.