Type of contributions solicited

We want to keep the tradition for this international conference on NBM regarding the submissions. We’re looking forward to receive:

  •  Theoretical, conceptual, empirical papers.
  • Literature reviews, qualitative and quantitative research.
  •  from a broad variety of scholarly disciplines (e.g., management, entrepreneurship, innovation, environmental studies, organization theory, transition theory, change management).
  •  and from a broad variety of domains that have been studied in the context of business models (e.g., energy, health, agriculture, food, finance, retail).

With this call for papers, we invite scholars and practitioners to elaborate and contribute, but not limit themselves, to the following research questions:

  • How do NBMs realize impact?
  • How to increase the impact of NBMs?
  • How to measure the impact of NBMs?
  • How to report the impact of NBMs?
  •  How to create international impact with NBMs?
  •  Under what circumstances do NBMs decrease their impact?
  •  What are the determinants of scalability of new business models?
  • What are the barriers for scalability?
  •  Small is beautiful – how to focus on resolving local sustainability issues?

Participants are kindly invited to submit their contribution to the sessions.

Theme 1 “Societal transition (societal and economic level)”

Theme 2 “Organisational transformation (sectoral and organisational level)”

Theme 3 “Organisational impact”

Theme 4 “Young Academics”