Track 16

Track Chair/ Moderator: Prof. dr. Koen Frenken (Utrecht University)

Access over ownership – business model development in the shared mobility market’ (Track 16)

Goal: The variety of new business models that are based on access over ownership in the mobility market is growing and gaining popularity with users. They range from free floating bike-sharing schemes or different types of car-sharing to combinations of leasing and sharing or Mobility-as-a-Service platforms. Equally wide is the range of actors and their goals, varying from large incumbents trying to build closed ecosystems, platform startups going for quick market dominance to community oriented organisations adapting to changing regulatory developments in their local market. This practice-oriented session will explore these different business models, that are all based on access over ownership in the mobility market, taking cases from bike- and car-sharing.

Presentation 1: (Ir)responsible business model innovation: free floating bikesharing in the Netherlands
Author: Arnoud van Waes , Utrecht University (The Netherlands)

Presentation 2: The business model development of the Dutch carsharing organization MyWheels
Author: Karina Tiekstra MyWheels (The Netherlands)

Presentation 3: The different ways to upscale access-based car mobility – sharing, leasing, MaaS
Author: Karla Münzel, TNO ( The Netherlands)