Finding Your Way in IChair

Welcome at the 5th. International Conference on New Business Models!

  1. Registration. When you get the invitation from the NBM2020 Team to join the NBM2020 conference as a participant you register your first name and last name, which will be visible in the conference and enter a password of your choice.
  2. Introduction. After watching the welcome video by Jan Jonker, we suggest to go through the steps how to find your way on the NBM2020 conference-platform, so click on next!
  3. Your Profile. Please take time to fill your profile so it is easier to connect with each-other during and after the conference. We recommend to upload a profile picture since this contributes to a better conference atmosphere on the platform. Don’t forget to click on save!
  4. Dashboard. Go to your Dashboard for an overview of the timings of the various type of sessions, and find per day in the agenda below, the sessions sorted by time-slot. You can select your favourite sessions by clicking on the “star”. These sessions will be listed in My Program.
  5. My Program. Use the search bar to look-up your specific interests and “star” your favourite sessions to be sure you do not miss them. These will then show up under your “My Program” section, as you own customised event program.
  6. Sessions. When you are viewing the various presentations, you can always enlarge the video by clicking on the full-screen button in the right lower corner of the video. When you want to participate in a session discussion via the chat, return to the smaller screen by clicking on that same button again.
  7. Forum. In the Forum you can see which participants are logged in and you can share ideas and ask questions publicly using the “#NBM2020 Channel”.
  8. Event Hub. In the “Event Hub” you will find next to this Finding your way-information, a quick overview of the program information on book presentations during the conference, even information on the 6h. International Conference on New Business Models in Halmstad from 9- 11 June 2021.
  9. Help. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our friendly support team via the Help function.
  10. Discuss. Get the discussion started in the session via the chat, asking questions to the presenters and learning the thoughts and perspectives of the other participants. You can send a specific participant of the session a direct message via chat by clicking on their icon or name.
  11. Connect. Skim through the participants list and start engaging with fellow participants and presenters in the “Forum”

If you have any questions, please get in touch via email:

Happy conferencing!
The NBM2020 organisation