Conference fee

The conference fee for the international conference on New Business Models 2020  is, as long as tickets are available:

Early Bird (until April 25th 2020)

  • Standard  e-ticket: 150 €
  • Student/PHD e-ticket: 100€

Regular online Ticket

  • Standard e-ticket: 165 €
  • Student/PHD e-ticket: 125 €

Poster presentation online Ticket

  • Standard e-ticket: 165 €
  • Student/PHD e-ticket: 75 €

A purchased e-ticket entitles the attendee to participate in all online sessions and workshops at the virtual conference on New Business Models 2020. During session breaks you need to stack your own provisions such as snacks, fruits, drinks, coffee, and tea as well as lunch. For your lunch you can book a on-line virtual lunch tabel for six people.  To meet attendees with similar research interest or if you have particular questions a bulletin board is available. 

At least one of the authors of a contributions should subscribe and pay the fee in order to present her or his work. All other authors are of course welcome but they all should pay the full fee, individually. During sessions there is a online chat function.  The chat-logs will be handed to the presenters after the session. 

NBM@Nijmegen2020 e-ticket conditions

In response to the global outbreak of COVID-19, the #nbmconference2020 has gone fully online and offers only e-tickets to participate. No physical activities will take place! To obtain such an e-ticket, the following conditions apply.

1. Participants who have registered before March 21, 2020, 24:00h CET, and have paid the conference fee, may exchange their original ticket for an e-ticket without charge.
2. Participants who have registered before March 21, 2020, 24:00h CET, but have not yet paid the conference fee, may immediately opt for an e-ticket.
3. Participants who register on or after March 22, 2020, 0:00h CET, can only opt for an e-ticket.

The e-ticket for NBM@Nijmegen 2020 is offered under the following conditions:

1. The e-ticket is personal and cannot be transferred to a third-party.
2. The e-ticket is non-refundable.
3. The e-ticket grants its owner digital access through one personal computer, laptop, or other device used to establish a digital connection to the conference digital broadcasting platform.
4. The e-ticket grants access to all parts of the conference that are broadcasted online streams from the conference venue.
5. The conference organization takes all measures possible to allow high quality access to the conference, but cannot guarantee end-point delivery of audio and video feeds.

When conditions around COVID-19 require additional adaptations, we will get back to you with appropriate measures. Apologies upfront for any inconveniences this may provide you.

For further information, please contact the NBM@Nijmegen 2020 conference organisation.
Niels Faber,

Additional social program is cancelled.

Those who already paid for the dinner or tour, will be reimbursed to the account where is paid with in due time.

At the moment, there are no exceptions, scholarships etc. offered by the conference organisers of New Business Models.