Track 10 – Practitioner Session (2)

Practitioner session: Climbing Mount Thriveability

Chairs: Ralph Thurm – Reporting 3.0

With the clock ticking, the design of our economic system needs to change drastically. A green, inclusive and open economy will only come to life through the sustainable and just distribution of vital resources. But if we are to realize new business models that follow a regenerative and redistributive approach to business, we must also develop ways to observe, measure and assess our progress. This poses exciting opportunities for academic research, something that the Academic Alliance of Reporting 3.0 is focusing at.

Reporting 3.0 was formed in 2013 to tackle the challenges that were going unmet within the transition towards a better, fairer, more sustainable economy. Join them on an overview of the collective journey that will transform the greatest challenges in human history into opportunities to survive and thrive. Invoking Interface Founder Ray Anderson’s metaphor of ‘Mount Sustainability’, this workshop invites you to join in a climb of several stages:

  • Start at the basecamp and make sure you are mentally well prepared
  • Carefully plan your route, socialize with your team, and make sure all gear is available and stress-tested for the forthcoming climb
  • Take the climb one step at a time, with a clear goal in sight, but also resilient to change routes in response to dynamically changing circumstances
  • The closer you come to the mountain top, the more you will collaborate with other teams to collectively reach the mountain top

Your host for this session will be Ralph Thurm, MD of Reporting 3.0. He will be citing examples of successfully finished Transformation Journey Programs and offer opportunities for academics to join.

You will learn:

  • what it means to be a ‘positive maverick’
  • the principles and components of a green, inclusive and open economy
  • how your mindset and action feed into micro, meso and macro level change
  • the step-by-step process of the Transformation Journey
  • how education, collaboration and advocation are going to make a difference
  • how academic institutions can be part of the Journey