Berlin session 7

New business models for sustainability transition

Chairs: Jan Jonker

In this session we do not look at new business models (NBMs) from a theoretical or conceptual perspective but quite daringly, as a tool, an instrument, for transition. Given the growing body of (academic and practitioners-oriented) literature, it is more then just interesting to see where and how the quest for social, organisational and economic transition meets the challenge to create business models that foster sustainability, circularity and inclusivity. Is it the process of collectively creating models that enables transition or is it the outcome of applying a particular NBM? This session is dedicated to explore these kinds of questions. Purely theoretical as well as empirical contributions are welcome. Our ambition is to mix both approaches into a rich and daring session.

Please send all questions to the session-chair, Professor jan Jonker, Nijmegen School of Management, Radboud University (NL). Mail: