Support TNO Track: Frank Berkers (TNO), Naomi Montenegro Navarro (TNO) and Jessica Doorn (TNO), Jan Jonker (Nijmegen School of Management/Institute for Management Research, Radboud University)

TNO (the Dutch National Organization for applied scientific research) is an independent research institute that connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the competitive strength of industry and the well-being of society in a sustainable way. TNO focuses on nine domains: Buildings, Infrastructure & Maritime; The Circular Economy and the Environment; Defense, Safety and Security; Energy; Healthy living; Industry; Information & Communication Technology; Strategic Analysis & Policy and Traffic and Transport. Within each of these domains, TNO collaborates with many partners and develops cutting-edge knowledge and innovations that are aimed at achieving maximum impact.

Due to TNO’s multi-disciplinary structure it provides holistic and integrative solutions to complex problems, as well as develop highly specialized, domain-specific knowledge. This also applies to their work on sustainable business models. TNO has ample experience with integrative and holistic perspectives to business modelling while being able to apply this within very distinct domains, sectors and contexts.

Their work on sustainable business modelling is action and impact driven, not only financially but also in terms of multiple value generation. Its holistic approach informs business modeling with inputs from methodologies such as value chain evaluation, impact logic, LCAs, LCC etcetera. As such, the work of TNO on sustainable business models moves beyond conceptualization. The aim is to develop practical tools and methods that can support businesses and value chains to concretize and quantify decision-making for business model design, adaptation, evaluation and upscaling.

During the NBM @ Nijmegen 2020 Conference, TNO will introduce their wide-ranging work on sustainable business models in a dedicated track with six slots. In these slots, TNO presents several of its most innovative and practical tools and methods, of which some will be sector-specific, and others will be holistic and replicable across various domains. These presentations are integrated with the main program of the conference.

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Theme 1

“Societal transition (societal and economic level)”...
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Theme 2

“Organisational transformation (sectoral and organisational level)”...
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Theme 3

“Organisational impact” coordinator: Florian Lüdeke-Freund At...
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“Young Academics” coordinator: Romana Rauter Theme...
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” NWO Track Sustainable Business Models...
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