Theme 2

“Organisational transformation (sectoral and organisational level)”

Chair: Sjors Witjes

On route towards a new business model, sectors and organizations are confronted with questions on what this means for their current organisational systems and what needs to be done to realise this. Theme two aims to understand the issues that arise at sectoral and organisational levels when adopting NBMs. The focus thus lies on the topic of organisational transformation towards the adoption of NBMs.

Tracks in this theme are:
1. Rural, regional business models (Track 5)
Track chair: Monique Kamm

2. Strategic management (Track 6)
Track Chairs: Romana Rauter and Sjors Witjes

3. Exploring methodology and its role in transformative business models (Track 7)
Track Chairs: Romana Rauter and Bart Jan Pennink

4. The micro-foundations of organisational change through NBM: from psychological-cognitive to organisational (Track 8)
Track chairs: Florian Lüdeke-Freund and Jonatan Pinkse

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