Theme 1

“Societal transition (societal and economic level)”

Chair: Niels Faber

Business models may be seen as instrumental to the transition of society and the economy. The idea is that changes at meso and micro levels, when gaining sufficient momentum, may result in large scale changes in widely accepted and practiced behavior and institutional adaptations to accommodate this. The aim is to increase the understanding of the dynamics through which new business models instigate changes towards a society that builds on sustainability, circularity, and inclusivity.

Possible tracks in this theme are:
1. NBMs and transformations/transitions (Track 1)
Track chair:  Jan Jonker

2. Ecosystems in Support of Social Entrepreneurship (Track 2)
Track chairs: Nikolay Dentchev and Abel Diaz

3. Digitalization, communication and social media and the effect on organizational legitimacy (Track 3)
Track Chairs: Deike Schulz and Niels Faber

4. The Circular Economy and NBMs (Track 4)
Track chairs: Niels Faber, Jan Jonker, Abishek Agarwal

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